Leading America’s oldest Law Agency, Sheriff McDonald and his team bring new ideas to make a difference for all of us.

COVID-19 Response

  • Lead PCSO through months of COVID, keeping individuals held at the jail and staff safe during peaks and low points of the pandemic. By bold, rapid steps to protect everyone, saw no casualties to COVID.

Substance Use Disorders

  • Provided proven medical options for those suffering from substance use disorders.
  • Co-Chaired Plymouth County’s Drug Use Task Force and is a key supporter of Plymouth County Outreach, a broad coalition of public safety and health professionals united to stem addiction.
  • Joined Plymouth County Police Chiefs and the District Attorney to provide safe disposal sites for prescription drugs across Plymouth County


  • Supported an enhanced “Safety Assurance” program that allows seniors to live independently.
  • Gave local towns use of the department’s “Code Red” system, allowing residents to receive phone alerts of area emergencies.
  • Placed modern fingerprint equipment with local police to aid in quick ID and to prevent the release of dangerous offenders.
  • Protected and expanded the Sheriff’s historic Plymouth County Farm from development.
  • Achieved perfect ratings from the American Correctional Association, for superior safety, health, and modern correctional care.


  • Created innovative job, education, and mental health programs to help justice-involved men re-enter the workforce and communities.


  • Supports local police with a trained corps of deputies to bolster local public safety needs.
  • Staffed the county’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), one of only two forensic agencies in the state – intended to help local police and prosecutors solve crimes and punish lawbreakers.
  • Created an office culture of performance and merit-based promotion, restoring morale, and building a diverse staff of well-trained, humane professionals.