Tons of Food Harvested from County Farm, Nearly Two Times Last Year’s Haul

In Plymouth, the County Farm almost doubled the amount of food it produced last year. Sheriff McDonald celebrated this milestone at the farm on Friday with South Shore Community Action Council officials, who distribute the harvest to people in need.

The 12,000 pounds of food grown this year is a large increase, especially in drought conditions, over the 7,500 pounds produced last year. Sheriff Joseph McDonald is proud of that.

“My hat is off to the staff here and over at the farm and to the inmates who work the farm because they really have taken that tough growing condition and magically made a wonderful year,” said McDonald.

The Sheriff says farm work is very popular with the inmates.

“… but, we are very, very careful as to who works over here on the farm because this is open to the public and these are individuals who are going to have contact, obviously the staff over here as well, but we’re very, very careful about who it is that gets to come over here,” said McDonald.

Pat Daly directs the South Shore Community Action Council, and says there are 45 participants “… that come to the center for food distribution, councils on ageing, head start programs, boys and girls clubs, and then about 38 pantries.”

Sheriff Joseph McDonald and Pat Daly, Director of South Shore Community Action Council on Friday at the Plymouth County Farm